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Our Business is Bullshit, and Business is Booming.

Pretty sure this is how this ad came to be:


GOP media strategist #1: we need some girl voters
what do girls like?

GOP media strategist #2: i dunno
weddings i guess
barbies maybe

GOP media strategist #1: i feel like
maybe barbies is the wrong ages?

GOP media strategist #2: oh
yeah maybe
so like
weddings then

GOP media strategist #1: ok yeah
so this is what i’ve got:

GOP media strategist #2: omgg i love it
let’s duplicate it for like
all the states

How Bad Could It Get? US Government Order Of 160,000 HazMat Suits Gives A Clue

From ZeroHedge:

A press release three weeks ago from Lakeland Industries, a manufacturer and seller of a “comprehensive line of safety garments and accessories for the industrial protective clothing market” may provide some insight into just how bad the US State Department thinks it may get. Because when the US government buys 160,000 hazmat suits specifically designed against Ebola, just ahead of the worst Ebola epidemic in history making US landfall, one wonders: what do they know the we don’t?

Now, for the low low price of $1200, you too can be the proud owner of an Ebola protected Class A Hazmat Suit! Supplies are limited so order now!

There is no reason to think that those who failed to take corrective action up until now, but remain in control, will ever do so. But it should be perfectly obvious that this situation cannot continue ad infinitum. And, as a matter of general principle, things that can’t go on forever - don’t.

Thirteen years of war, and the rise of enemies we did not expect, have transformed Hezbollah fighters inside Syria, along with Iran, into our tacit allies. We are intervening in the Syrian civil war to assist a regime we sought to overthrow. We promised to save Iraq and now help to dismember it. We have delivered Afghanistan to drug cartels and warlords who preside over a ruin of a nation where 60 percent of the children are malnourished and the Taliban is poised to take power once NATO troops depart. The entire misguided enterprise has been a fiasco of gross mismanagement and wanton bloodletting. But that does not mean it will be stopped.

Nomophobia: A Rising Trend in Students

From Psychology Today:

Nomophobia: the fear of being without a mobile device, or beyond mobile phone contact.  YouGov, a research organization found about 58 percent of men and 47 percent of women suffer from the phobia, and an additional 9 percent feel stressed when their mobile phones are off. The study sampled 2,163 people.

In the U.S., it’s gotten worse…

  1. Sixty-five percent, or about two in three people, sleep with or next to their smart phones. (Among college students, it’s even higher).
  2. Thirty-four percent admitted to answering their cell phone during intimacy with their partner. (Hey, what happened to valuing the person you are with in-person?)
  3. One in five people would rather go without shoes for a week than take a break from their phone. (It’s a good way to lose your sole and your soul).
  4. More than half never switch off their phone. (I’d call that anaddiction).
  5. A full 66 percent of all adults suffer from “nomophobia.”

Tens of thousands in Hong Kong are spending the night occupying a major highway, demanding free and fair elections independent of Beijing’s influence. Beijing has responded with militarized police, and is censoring photos of the protests on social media.
Watch livestream footage


Tens of thousands in Hong Kong are spending the night occupying a major highway, demanding free and fair elections independent of Beijing’s influence. Beijing has responded with militarized police, and is censoring photos of the protests on social media.

Watch livestream footage

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CA Begins Water Rationing

Two days ago, local newspapers reported that per-person water rationing could become a reality in California. Three days later, it’s official.

From Natural News:

Millions of Californians are about to be hit with strict water rationing — daily “allocation” numbers that represent the maximum amount of water you’re allowed to use for any purpose. Households that exceed the allocation limit will face stiff fines of hundreds of dollars per violation.

"In July, the State Water Resources Control Board passed stage one emergency regulations, giving powers to all local water agencies to fine $500 per violation," reports the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. [1]

Keep in mind that these are only “stage one” emergency regulations. Stages two and three have yet to be invoked and will only become more severe.

The amount of water each household is allowed by water districts will be determined by government employees viewing satellite imagery of private properties, then calculating how much water that property should be allowed to use.

"Using census records, aerial photography and satellite imagery, an agency can determine a property’s efficient water usage," says the SGVT.

Read the rest.

Mentally, you are truly imprisoned. You don’t even know the degree to which you are tormented by fears of medical bankruptcy, job loss, homelessness and violent crime because you’ve never lived in a country where there is no need to worry about such things.

An eighth grader in Northern California receives detention after offering a fellow student some of his lunch.

As a society becomes more complex, new rules (read: force) must be employed because you cannot organize society efficiently enough through only voluntary means. You can have a highly efficient industrial society or you can have freedom, but not both. This level of minute control will continue to accelerate until human freedom is stomped out or industrial civilization destroys itself. At this point, it’s anyones guess which will happen first.

Modern Technology Kills

From a much longer piece by TruthOut:

If you would like to be the laughingstock of your next dinner party, challenge the cultural presumption in favor of technological progress. Other than a few head nods about how we really should unplug from our hand-held devices for a few minutes a day, you will likely be scoffed at as a backward-thinking loser whose resentment probably lies in your pathetic inability to figure out how to organize your iTunes library.

You might even be called a Luddite, because most people, liberals included, think the Luddites were knee-jerk reactionaries scared of any form of technology when, in fact, they were tradesmen and artisans engaged in a class protest against “all Machinery hurtful to Commonality” (i.e. forms of mechanization that damaged people and uprooted communities by forcing skilled workers to become wage slaves in factories). To be labeled a Luddite today is to be intellectually and culturally dismissed even by class-conscious leftists who have a blind spot when it comes to the politics of technology.

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